Someday 🌤

Everyone has projects they would like to complete someday. Additionally, are art projects ever really finished?

This is a page for documenting all of my Someday projects.

I have too many art projects in mind, and many of them may never actually move all the way forward to being something shown in public. However, I find that the exercise of just writing out my approach can help me make them that much more real. Additionally, sharing my ideas will bring a mix of the following results:

  1. I will gain more practice in explaining my ideas to others (and myself). I can move the idea from a bulletpoint in a notebook to something more. realistic. I can identify clear areas that I'm stuck on. I can also start to explore if my idea is a tech demo or something more.
  2. By identifying areas I'm stuck on, and sharing those findings, there is a chance that someone will see my idea or areas I'm stuck on and will offer advice (or even want to collaborate on something.)
  3. Someone steals the idea and makes it themselves. Jokes on them - the idea still gets made anyway in some form.
  4. I might realize the idea isn't worth pursuing further, or discover it was already done years ago, and move on. I will still have learned something though!

I have spent years applying a research approach to creative tech problems in a professional setting. I think there is more work to be done in terms of defining an approach to how to properly break these problems down, and doing speculative projects like this is a great way to find new ways to stretch that process. I'm also interested to share this project breakdown approach with everyone and see how it compares to their approach.

I think many of you can relate to many of these same questions I find myself looping over when looking at my dream project list:

  • Are any of these ideas good?
  • Should I spend money on the materials I would need to do this?
  • Do I have time for this on top of my other responsibilities?
  • Who cares?
  • What art is worth making right now? What has value? Am I taking up unnecessary space from a more important voice?
  • What do I want to see more of out in the world?
  • Are these projects too ambitious or too small?
  • Where can I even show the art I make? Is a website or video case study enough?
  • Is this just a tech demo, or is there a larger statement you're trying to make? Either answer is OK, but committing to an answer can help focus you.
  • What is the goal?

The answers to the above shift as you spend time with any idea. By some miracle, eventually you find enough of a reason for yourself to make that thing a reality. It's also totally ok to not finish projects sometimes, we all have to give ourselves that permission.

Anyway - let's talk ideas! Below are pages for each project. Some are more detailed than others. If you have any thoughts, interest in helping out, or other things - please reach out.

Here is a simple form for any feedback on the work. Any feedback is appreciated.