Fake Love

Experiential Design Company from 2010-2020


This is a placeholder and information page about Fake Love, the experiential design company I helped grow from 2010-2020. I was the Chief Creative technologist of Fake Love, and wore many hats from intern, to developer, project lead, technical director, producer, etc.  The website for Fake Love is no longer live after closing down due to the pandemic, so I'm creating this page as a little homage and also as a place to re-direct some of the links from my other articles and websites. It was a very special place to be a part of.

Fake Love's mission was: "We create immersive experiences for brands that allow them to connect more purposefully with the world."

Fake Love worked across a wide range of projects and offerings, and we were fairly early on in the world of experiential and creative technology. We worked with Google, Samsung, Nike, Twitter, HP, Lexus, Levis, Kia, American Express, IBM, Intel, Nokia, and Sonos to name a few.

It's difficult to sum it all up, but here are some brief descriptions of projects we were a part of, or brought to life with our amazing team:

  • We connected the world with custom vending machines (for Google/Coke)
  • We made a life sized racing video game (for Lexus)
  • We helped the hearing impaired experience a concert (for 7up)
  • We helped phones swim underwater (for Samsung)
  • We used innovative display technology to bring people together to have difficult conversations about the workplace (for SHRM)
  • We made old technology new again (for Levi's)
  • We highlighted the impressive design elements of a new vehicle using contextual augmented reality (for Kia)
  • We helped people represent their neighborhood in a competitive game of pong (for Amex)
  • We made a fantastic visual world come to life with set design and contextual augmented reality (for SK-II)
  • We had people explore the often challenging emotions around finances through physical interaction and poignant visuals (for Umpqua)
  • We celebrated important but overlooked figures in science through location specific augmented reality statues (for IBM)
  • We explained complex technological concepts in a an approachable way in a personal immersive environment (for IBM)
  • We surprised retail shoppers with a reveal of new fashions through augmented reality (for Nordstrom)
  • We created a projection mapped world for 50 dancers to perform in (for Shen Wei)
  • We revealed the hidden side of microbes in your home (for Dyson)
  • We built an interactive magnetic wall that helped people understand their own state of flow (for Dropbox)
  • We tracked a conductor’s baton to generate visual music for a show at Carnegie Hall (for the NY Pops)
  • We put people's running skills to the test in a massive game (for Nike)
  • We made a space that explored the past and future of wearables (for Intel)
  • We designed and built an experience to clearly communicate the complex side of networking (for Nokia)
  • We helped people experience the visual side of music (for Sonos (with the help of Red Paper Heart) or Master & Dynamic or NY Pops)
  • We celebrated a brand's impact on society and culture (for Twitter, or Nokia)
  • We brought fan love directly to the Star Wars red carpet (for HP)

Screencapture of the old Fake Love Website:


Selected Works

Pen Plotter WorkPersonal Projects

Circle DrawingsPersonal Project

Polarizer ArtworkPhysical artwork with linear polarizers

TV TelescopeWatching TV from a mile away

Extruded ScreenFiber optic filament display

You're on TVLive TV face swap

i miss you, neighborConnecting local strangers and friends

Self Destructive BehaviorScreen that slowly breaks itself

Hold TimePersonal photo blitz

Movie Stickers100,000 stickers in a room

7up | Music Lifts You UpCommercial Work

Google | Project Re:BriefCommercial Work

Lexus | Trace Your RoadCommercial Work

IBM | Outthink Hidden ARCommercial Work

Samsung | Liquid CanvasCommercial Work

Color A SoundAnalog/digital Instrument

Fake LoveFormer Experience Design Company

Sonic SculpturesPersonal Projects

street_crtPersonal Projects

Music VideosCollaborative video art

Older WorkPersonal Projects

Older Live Visuals WorkAudiovisual explorations 2006-2016