Fake Love

Experiential Design Company from 2010-2020


This is a placeholder and information page about Fake Love, the experiential design company I was a part of from 2010-2020. The website for Fake Love is no longer live after closing down due to the pandemic, so I'm creating this page as a little homage and also as a place to re-direct some of the links from my other articles and websites. 

Fake Love's mission was: "We create immersive experiences for brands that allow them to connect more purposefully with the world."

Fake Love worked across a wide range of projects and offerings. We worked with Google, Samsung, Nike, Twitter, HP, Lexus, Levis, Kia, American Express, IBM, Intel, Nokia, and Sonos to name a few.

It's difficult to sum it all up, but here are some brief descriptions of projects we were a part of, or brought to life with our amazing team:

  • We connected the world with custom vending machines (for Google/Coke)
  • We made a life sized racing video game (for Lexus)
  • We helped the hearing impaired experience a concert (for 7up)
  • We helped phones swim underwater (for Samsung)
  • We used innovative display technology to bring people together to have difficult conversations about the workplace (for SHRM)
  • We made old technology new again (for Levi's)
  • We highlighted the impressive design elements of a new vehicle using contextual augmented reality (for Kia)
  • We helped people represent their neighborhood in a competitive game of pong (for Amex)
  • We made a fantastic visual world come to life with set design and contextual augmented reality (for SK-II)
  • We had people explore the often challenging emotions around finances through physical interaction and poignant visuals (for Umpqua)
  • We celebrated important but overlooked figures in science through location specific augmented reality statues (for IBM)
  • We explained complex technological concepts in a an approachable way in a personal immersive environment (for IBM)
  • We surprised retail shoppers with a reveal of new fashions through augmented reality (for Nordstrom)
  • We created a projection mapped world for 50 dancers to perform in (for Shen Wei)
  • We revealed the hidden side of microbes in your home (for Dyson)
  • We built an interactive magnetic wall that helped people understand their own state of flow (for Dropbox)
  • We tracked a conductor’s baton to generate visual music for a show at Carnegie Hall (for the NY Pops)
  • We put people's running skills to the test in a massive game (for Nike)
  • We made a space that explored the past and future of wearables (for Intel)
  • We designed and built an experience to clearly communicate the complex side of networking (for Nokia)
  • We helped people experience the visual side of music (for Sonos (with the help of Red Paper Heart) or Master & Dynamic or NY Pops)
  • We celebrated a brand's impact on society and culture (for Twitter, or Nokia)
  • We brought fan love directly to the Star Wars red carpet (for HP)

Selected Works

Polarizer ArtworkPhysical artwork with linear polarizers

TV TelescopeWatching TV from a mile away

Extruded ScreenFiber optic filament display

You're on TVLive TV face swap

i miss you, neighborConnecting local strangers and friends

Self Destructive BehaviorScreen that slowly breaks itself

Hold TimePersonal photo blitz

Movie Stickers100,000 stickers in a room

7up | Music Lifts You UpCommercial Work

Google | Project Re:BriefCommercial Work

Lexus | Trace Your RoadCommercial Work

IBM | Outthink Hidden ARCommercial Work

Samsung | Liquid CanvasCommercial Work

Color A SoundAnalog/digital Instrument

Fake LoveFormer Experience Design Company

Sonic SculpturesPersonal Projects

street_crtPersonal Projects

Music VideosCollaborative video art

Older WorkPersonal Projects

Older Live Visuals WorkAudiovisual explorations 2006-2016