Other Professional Work

Fake Love / Deeplocal and others

I have worked at many agencies on projects large and small, but I wanted to highlight a number of other projects I've worked on directly that were hugely successful, but may not need a full project page.


Project - Jen AI for Virgin Voyages
Agency: Deeplocal
Role: Technical Director / Lead Creative Technologist

Deeplocal worked with VML and Virgin Voyages to develop a unique digital experience that allowed users to send customized cruise invitations from Jennifer Lopez to friends and family. Users could enter their name and the recipients name as well as a destination and list of desired amenities and a customized video would be generated with Jennifer Lopez speaking each of these directly to you.

I led the technology team that executed the campaign website (both frontend and backend) and helped advise on the initial technical approach for how to do things like efficiently assemble video clips per user, generate visual lipsync from audio, and get it all running for thousands of concurrent users. It was a great balance of tech skills between programmatic video editing, backend development, frontend performance, and AI integration.

Jen AI Press: New York Times | Ad Week | Ad Age

Campaign Video:

Project: Levi's - Station to Station
Agency: Fake Love
Role: Technical Director/Creative Technologist

Station to Station was a unique experience that was sponsored by Levi's. It was a massive campaign that had a number of artists and musicians traveling on a train journey across the US and making various stops. Fake Love was tasked with a specific element of the experience where we had to outfit retro technologies with some updated technological abilities. A Brownie camera could post videos to Instagram, a modified typewriter could post to Twitter, and a guitar could post directly to Soundcloud.

I helped oversee many technical elements of this project, helped source partner vendors, helped install directly on the train, and also worked very directly on the guitar recording method.

Project: HP/Star Wars - Star Wars Force Awakens
Agency: Fake Love
Role: Technical Director

For the premiere of Star Wars: Force Awakens, HP wanted to showcase their latest laptop offering and use it as a platform for the multitude of fans of the series to be right there with their favorite actors. Fake Love designed and built a structure that would hold roughly 160 individual laptops that played back synchronized videos of fans playing their own rendition of the "light side" and "dark side" musical themes of Star Wars.

I helped design the overall hardware and playback system, devised a system to clone our software onto 160 laptops in a short span of a couple days, as well as keep things synchronized across all devices. The whole system ran flawlessly for about 10 hours on the red carpet and could be triggered to play different themes depending on who was walking the carpet.

Project: Netflix - Stranger Things
Agency: Deeplocal
Role: Technical Director

For the launch of the official first trailer for the much anticipated Season 4 of Stranger Things, Netflix wanted to make it a huge event. Deeplocal worked with them to develop an out of home activation that was set up on the streets of Santa Monica with a custom grandfather clock with a countdown visualizer and special FX like fog, lighting and directional audio. The clock appeared for 24 hours and teased bits of the trailer throughout the run, and the trailer was dropped on the livestream right at the end of the 24 hours.

My role was to oversee the technical hardware and software development, including the livestream, as well as some development of the visual effects and management/install on site. The stream received 1.25 million views on youtube over the course of 24 hours.

Project: Google - Chelsea Retail
Agency: Deeplocal
Role: Technical Director

The flagship Google retail store in Chelsea NYC is home to a number of rotating product and experience exhibits to show Google's latest product offerings in hardware and software.

I helped oversee the software and hardware development and installation of a couple updated installations including the Woogle Maker for making AI generated images from user's clothing colors, and the hardware for the immersive Pixel Fold installation.


Project: Google - Google Cloud Next 2022 and 2023 
Agency: Deeplocal
Role: Technical Director

Deeplocal partnered with Google Cloud for a number of activations for both Cloud Next 2022 and 2023. There were AI generated postcards, multi-monitor displays, LED tickers, drive-thru simulators and more.

I helped in a client-facing role to oversee the technical direction for a number of these, as well as the overall hardware plan and oversight of the AV installation. I was also heavily involved in the overall creative tech team management across software dev and install.

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