Various Artists | Music Videos

Over the years, I've been very fortunate to collaborate with several bands I love to make some homemade music videos for them. Below are some of the highlights.

´╗┐Braids - Plath Heart (2011)

I worked with Braids to make this video for their song Plath Heart on their debut album in 2011. I utilized steel wool and other things in my backyard to visualize a hypnotic trip down a tunnel.

The video premiered on Pitchfork.

Lymbyc Systym - Prairie School (2012)

I worked with Lymbyc Systym and their label to create this music video for their song Prairie School for their album Symbolyst. I utilized some macro lenses on my iPhone to shoot a collection of footage. The video was inspired by the classic "Powers of 10" and imagines a student in school on a spaceship that only experiences the wonders of Earth through pixels on a screen.

Botany - Ory (Joyous Toil) 2016

I worked with Botany for this music video for the lead track off of his album Deepak Verbera in 2016. I utilized a slow motion camera, water tank, flour, and lights to create all of the dreamlike footage.

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