Nike | Olympic Track and Field Trials

Fake Love

This project was for the Nike Track and Field Trials in the summer of 2016. I worked as the Lead Creative Technologist on this project for Fake Love. While I oversaw and guided the entire project, I also programmed all the the generative visuals for the entry hall.

The project had two main components - the first was a custom generative animation and soundscape that framed their entry hall and never repeated. The second larger component was an interactive competitive race experience between 16 opponents. The competitors would enter their names prior to entering the 60ft projection dome, and then hop on these specialized manual treadmills that sent their speed data to the projection application that filled the dome. After a 60 second race, a winner would be declared and they could opt to receive an email of a customized photo of themselves and their race stats. The experience ran for almost 2 weeks during the Track and Field trials and hundreds of people passed through to race eachother.

Technical Approach

  • Software
    • Live Generative Visuals App:
      • Openframeworks 0093
      • Also used VDMX for some additional filters, mapping, and backup video redundancy
    • Projection Dome/Racing App:
      • OpenFrameworks 0093
      • Video feed was passed to other mapping software that placed and shaped it appropriately on the surface of the dome
    • Treadmill data app:
      • Received USB connections from all 16 treadmills and passed data via OSC/network to the main display app
    • Photo backend app:
      • Primarily written in Objective-C and native MacOS frameworks
  • Hardware
    • Mac Mini for treadmill data collection
    • Mac Pro for generative visuals and racing experience
    • Woodway Curve manual treadmill. Had a special USB connection that would output the speed detected from the running platform. This data was read into a custom app and then passed to the main projection app

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